Friday, 19 September 2014

Kommandos assemble

As with all Ork's Kommano's offer a lot of scope for conversions, serious or hilarious such as deminstrated by Kleiner Zorn in a post on the or the better know example he gave as insperation on his blog.
For me I want a mix of both but to start the ball rolling I finished The grand Belly ripper himself Gitsnik Gutspilla and present him after the break.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Tinklaw's Boyz

Bill King's Ork sub. take a look at his stuff on deviantart
Right so checking my blogroll yesterday morning and I do love faeit 212's 'What's on your table'  and yesterday saw a couple of nice monowheel type tanks, however a link to the guys inspiration lead me to the above piece on deviantart and then my jaw dropped.
So I suppose it time for me to pull me finger out and get on with a to do list/Army list for next monday. See what I've got after the break.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Back to bases.

Been a bit quiet lately due to a nice holiday in germany visiting my parents and then a busy couple of weeks back at work. One interesting point from the holiday was visiting some of the places you can see from Mum and Dads flat, in the spurs of the Odenwald mountain range, Frankenstein Castle
and Auerbach castle.

While away I only managed a couple of evenings of hobby time despite taking paints and models however since being back I have managed some hobby time. Mostly this has been experimenting but I have some results to share after the break.